Thursday, 23 March 2017

Why am I here?

Over the last couple of days Dean has been away for some gigs in Ireland. Whilst he was away I had time to reflect on the last few years. Here are the reasons that I'm still here.

1. The grace of God, without that I would have been long gone. What an enormous blessing.
2. An incredibly gifted neurological surgeon. She operated twice in a matter of weeks and I will always be grateful for her skills and optimism.
3. A top-ranking oncologist who took managed my treatment plan perfectly, whilst taking time to explain everything to me in a warm but pragmatic way.
4. My incredible father and husband who have carried me through the tough times with their unfailing support.
5. My wonderful friends who have lifted my spirits, made me laugh and listened when I needed them to. Many of them travelled from the opposite ends of the country to see me, two came from across the world when the news was bad.
6. Colleagues, ex-colleagues and clients and who supported me on my journey by sending letters and spurring me on with words of encouragement.
7. The church family, St. Lawrence's and Wesley Hall, without whose support and prayers I would not be here today.
8. Family friends and friends of friends. Over the last few years I have been overcome by the loveliness of people.

It's impossible to describe how grateful I am to everyone who has supported me on my 'journey'. I am truly thankful.


Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Top 50 worldwide cancer blog - yes really!

Woo hoo! Our 'UKbreastcancertips' blog has been voted as one of the top 50 cancer blogs on the web by Feedspot Blog Reader. Yes, that's the whole worldwide web! We are thrilled to be sharing our experiences to help others who are facing cancer or know someone else who is. Thanks to all our readers and supporters. We've exceeded 140,000 views and we're proud to display our top 50 badge!

Amanda and Deb

Here are the other winners. Some real big players here and some really interesting blogs. Well done all.