Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The battle continues

One of the issues I've really been struggling with this year is tackling the usual challenges of life with the added issues of the cancer aftermath. Since everyone loves a good war analogy when it comes to cancer, this one pretty much sums it up for me. Before I had cancer, I was fighting a war on a number of fronts. I had family challenges, was running a business and had two chronic pain conditions to manage. I was just about winning. Then a huge country declares war on you and you end up fighting on a new front. But this war is ugly. It takes everything you've got and throws a whole new concept of psychological warfare into the mix. You just about hold back this new, aggressive army and call a ceasefire. But, then you realise, you can't rest and rebuild, because the other wars are raging on. So now you have depleted resources, a damaged infrastructure and an uneasy awareness that your biggest enemy could attack at any time. It's a hostile new world. My advice? Can I get back to you on that one?


Another day another battle