Monday, 9 November 2015

Life lessons - pay attention in class

Monday 9th November

I don't want to get all preachy but why change the habit of a lifetime? Here are some life lessons I thought I would share before my brain turns to mush:

1. People are INCREDIBLE. Seriously incredible. They are generous, kind, outlandishly thoughtful and constantly surprise and delight. When you're having a bad day/road rage incident/*insert as appropriate, don't forget this.

2. There is nothing greater in this world (and the next) than love. Don't miss an opportunity to tell your friends and family how important they are to you, even if you are as rubbish at emotional expression as me.

3. If someone is seriously ill, don't feel that you have to pussy-foot round them. They are still the same person, albeit in a different outer shell (in my case grotesquely bald and bloated). They can still laugh at the same jokes and talk about 'normal' things.

4. Do not waste time. Time is ludicrously precious and none of us know how long we have left (although I am statistically highly unlikely to be hit by the mythical bus before the cancer sneaks in). Don't put off the good stuff for the mundane.

5. Laugh every day; take every opportunity you can. Laughter is the best medicine (although I would also recommend following the advice of medical professionals.)

6. Relish the little stuff. A good book. A chat with a friend. A cuddle. A shared joke. This is the glorious glue that binds us all together.

7. Ignore the little stuff. And this is hard. But trust me it really isn't worth worrying about.

8. Take a second to count your blessings. Life can be tough but it's also full of joy and laughter. Mine has been brilliant in lots of ways. Even now there's lots to be thankful for.

9. Be kind to yourself and others. You deserve it. There really is no need to give yourself a hard time.

10. Be yourself in all your glorious, flawed perfection. You are loved and cherished for who you are and what could be better than that?


Couldn't have put it better myself


  1. Love you and Dean. I am not in this cancer 'boat' and pray I never will be, but over the months have learned that people are just as loving and human when faced with the reality. Maybe they need the odd reminder. I would like to share your Life lessons with friends, no doubt they will pray for you two as well xxx

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  3. As ever Amanda, eloquent and full of wisdom. Thank you for still taking the time to remind us all what matters - even though we shouldn't need the prompt! Thinking of you and sending love.

    Tess Perrem x